Review: Club El Diablo: Damian (Devil’s Playground Book 1), by Holly S. Roberts Reply

5 out of 5 Stars

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WOW. When I finished this fabulously written book I was at a loss for words. I love the relationship between Damian and Lydia. Damian knows what he wants and he has pulled out all the stops to get Her! But will he? Can a Dom and a Domme have a relationship that will last and stand the times? You will have to read to find out. I will say this book is well written and the characters are well developed, relatable and believable. This is the first book in the series and it is on fire. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series. I Highly Recommend this book.

Reviewed by Epiphany

Our Blog was given this book in exchange for an honest review.


The princess of kink is back!

From his international empire to his high-rise sex club that caters to the rich and kinky, Damian Collins has it all. Or, at least he thinks he has it all until a certain feisty redhead refuses his offer to work for him. Problem… Damian got where he is today by going after what he wants.

Lydia Simmons has her goals lined out and a brighter future on the horizon. For years she’s fought to build her reputation in the kinky, BDSM world and make a place for herself. Her plan is in jeopardy when a rich playboy thinks he has a right to steer her destiny in his direction. To make it worse, Damian researched Lydia and discovered her weaknesses. After Lydia loses a bet to the megalomaniac, she becomes Damian’s employee for one month at Club El Diablo and enters the forbidden world of the ultra-spoiled rich and egotistical.

Could Lydia be wrong in her assessment of the people who find a home in Damian’s club? Do they have their own problems and needs no matter that they’re born with silver spoons up their collective butts? She knows she’s not wrong about Damian—he’s wealthy, gorgeous, and dominating to the extreme and NOT booked into her life’s schedule. It doesn’t matter that he seems to know what makes her tick even when she thinks she’s very good at hiding her greatest desire.

Damian has secrets. Lydia has ambition. Can the two find middle ground and share their hearts? There’s only one way to find out but you must pay the price of admission, obtain your golden heart bracelet that proves you belong, and let your kinky side loose. Can you?

Damian is the original Club El Diablo book, One Dom At A Time, with more than 30k words added and major editing. It’s a whole new book!

About The Author:

Holly S. Roberts is a retired homicide and sex crimes detective who loves long walks on the beach and sweet music. NOT… she hikes mountains with her Rottweiler and listens to hard rock with heavy bass and bad words. She’s the USA TODAY Best-Selling author of the Completion, Club El Diablo, and Hotter Than Hell series. If a book doesn’t have enticing romance, steamy sex, and hot alpha men she doesn’t read or write it. Oh and coffee. She must have coffee!




Twitter: mywickedstories



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