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5/13: Top Love Kissed FREEBIES!

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Trapped in darkness…
Violet Whitechapel committed an unspeakable crime to save a child. To escape the hangman’s noose, she takes refuge in a crumbling abbey with secrets darker than her own. When its master offers her a temporary post, Violet cannot say no. Just as she begins to see him in a new light, her past catches up to her and endangers them all.

Their passion burns bright…
Alistair Waldegrave keeps his daughter imprisoned in the black heart of his Gothic abbey. As he searches for a cure to the disease the villagers call demonic, his new governess brings much needed light into their lives. But how can the passion between them survive the darkness encroaching from outside their sheltered walls?


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After Nia’s father dies from a mysterious illness that even the gods’ First Creatures cannot stop, she grows in isolation amidst the fear and suspicion from her village. So when an impulsive moment leads to a passionate romance with an angel, Nia will stop at nothing to keep them together, even defy direct orders from the gods themselves.

Meanwhile, the middle realm of Terath begins to show cracks. Both First Creatures and men grow angrier at the gods’ disinterest, and everything the gods put in Order begins to unravel. When Nia’s angel steals magic from one of the gods to enchant her parting gift, it causes a rift that triggers a downward spiral.




Jericho is the nicest criminal Annie Brennan has ever met.

When her brother drags her to a business meeting with his boss, notorious criminal and billionaire, Jericho, Annie Brennan is forced to attend. She doesn’t know Bruce has borrowed an exorbitant amount of money from him with no way to pay him off except by handing over the deed to their house. The house Annie’s been living in her entire life, even after her parents died in a car accident. She gets no say. She’s not even on the deed.

Jericho moves in the next morning and there’s nothing Annie can do about it.

She hates everything about him. His lifestyle, his arrogance, the intensity in his pale green whenever he looks at her.

Until he saves her from an attack by killing her attacker in front of her.

Something changes. A switch is flipped. She’s smitten.



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