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5/11: Top Boxed Romance Bargains

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Love is just beyond your comfort zone.

The perfect box set of standalone dystopian and paranormal romances.

EPISODE ONE: Untitled Beauty

Her love for him is skin deep. It has to be.

In her seventeen years, Eleven has seen the best and worst in humanity. She’s been passed around and abused by the bad. She’s hoped and dreamed for the good. And she’s despaired for the hand she’s been dealt. Now she’s been purchased by a wealthy man who has the ability to improve her life and help her become a Beauty – if she can put up with his erratic and controlling personality for long enough, that is. Complicating things is the appearance of a stunningly beautiful young man with amethyst eyes who treats Eleven to the rarest form of attention for a Potential: kindness.

Does Eleven trust her powerful owner to help her escape this life of servitude and enslavement, or does she gamble everything on the enigmatic young man who seems to offer her more than she could ever imagine possible?


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Feeling Lucky? Check out LUCK OF THE DRAW

13 lucky stories EXCLUSIVE to this boxset available for a LIMITED time! 13 tales of unimaginable luck – 13 fascinating novellas of love, loss, and mystery. From lotteries to sweepstakes, poker to roulette and horse racing to wishes, these 13 stories will make you wish you’d been the winner!

These 13 novellas are BRAND NEW and have never been published. Written by USA Today Bestselling, International, and Bestselling authors.

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Six erotic short-stories by best-selling author Liz Gavin in one steamy collection:
Between the Ghost and the Dom
Her favorite Ghost
Take me to the Domme
In the Lounge
At the club


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99 Pennies!

Most of us fear becoming our parents, but sometimes when we open our mouths, our mothers—or fathers—come out. But for Dexter, the fear is greater than it is for most. His father is cold and unloving, and there seems to be something more sinister simmering below the surface.

When he meets Briella, his desire to be his own man becomes clearer. He no longer wants to give everything to the family business like his father has, and he wants to enjoy love and family in ways his father never did. But things are complicated. First, she is only in Florida on vacation. Second, she is black.

99 Pennies!


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