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4 out of 5 Stars

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This is a Romance that throws some fantasy into the mix with a magical watch that messes with Ally at just the right time to make things happen that help her find her way. This is a fast read that builds up speed as it goes so at the end it does feel a tad rushed to me.  It doesn’t keep you from getting the whole story line so that is okay.  The characters are still young in mindset and stuck in the past.  Their whole world revolves around the big dramatic moment that slipped away from them.  All in all a fun little read.  Not too complex.

Reviewed by Fawnzy

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He lied to protect her. She left to forget him. Neither expected the past to change their future.

Jonah McCabe has no time for love. As a prestigious L.A. record producer, his long days and short nights keep his schedule full and his bed empty. But when his current project leads him back home, Jonah is haunted by memories of Ally.

Ally Jacobs is getting the promotion of a lifetime. The only downfall is returning to her hometown and the past she’s struggled to forget. When she runs into Jonah, the humiliation over his previous rejection comes barreling back.

As a series of mishaps bring them closer together, Ally must decide if Jonah is worth getting her heart broken again. And Jonah must reveal a painful truth or walk away from Ally forever.

Only in Time is the second installment in the Mystique Antiques Series. If you like contemporary romances packed full of love, loss, and second chances, then you’ll enjoy Kelli McCracken’s heartwarming look at the sacrifices made for love.

About The Author:

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Kelli McCracken is a paranormal and contemporary romance author from Northeast Kentucky. She has authored seven book with many more in the works. When she’s not listening to the crazy character conversations in her head, Kelli enjoys connecting with readers and chatting about books, characters, and all things fiction.

“Time is the one thing in life that we never get back. Live life to the fullest with no regrets. Seconds chances are rare.”

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