4/14: Top Love Kissed Book Bargains Reply

4/14: Top Love Kissed Book Bargains

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The first book in a trilogy about three “brothers” and the girls they must protect.

All Christiana wanted was a little flirty fun.
What she got was a one-way ticket to her personal nightmare.

Her friend is dead…and she knows who did it. Now a key witness in a murder trial, she’s been hidden away in the one place no one will think to look for her: Eton Preparatory School for Boys.

It’s a stupid move. Insane. But she doesn’t have a choice.
Instead of completing her senior year with the popular crowd, she’s being forced to hide in a school with exactly zero XX chromosomes. Even worse, she’s somehow supposed to act like the Neanderthals walking the halls.


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99 Pennies!

I used to be naïve.
I used to think monsters didn’t exist.
I used to think I was safe, untouchable, and free from harm.

Boy was I wrong…

My name is Whitney, and I used to think my old life was mediocre and boring. I thought I was missing out on something exciting. Now that Linc has shown me how dark and twisted life can be, I’d go back in a heartbeat…

Warning This book is not recommended for readers under the age of 18 due to the use of mature language, adult content, and violent situations. The abuse written in this story is graphic and not sugar coated, which could be upsetting to some. This story is NOT for everyone. Proceed with caution.

99 Pennies!

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Book 3 in the Timeless Hearts Sweet Western Time Travel Romance Series

For some people love is within arms-length. But for others, it’s eras away.

Jesse Landers is a protector at heart. When tragedy strikes close to home, he promises to avenge the person responsible for the disappearance of someone he loves dearly. However, he soon realizes revenge comes at a high price. When his destructive life catches up to him, his only escape may be through time.

Doctor Abagail Simmons is dealing with her own loss and must somehow, muster up the strength and courage to fulfill her father’s last wishes. Things are quickly spiraling out of control when a peculiar stranger shows up and seemingly, makes things better, until he reveals his truth.


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99 Pennies!

Driven by revenge. Felled by a woman…

Leo Mitchell wants to contribute to the operating expenses of the new family-run Middlemarch resort, which specializes in capture fantasies for female guests. Betrys Torin offers what Leo thinks is a wonderful opportunity, but in reality is potentially deadly. He hungers for vengeance. A capture might be the perfect payback…

To protect her son, Betrys must procure men for her alien employer Iseult Orna. She hates her job and loathes the guilt she feels at trapping the sexy Leo into signing an irrevocable contract. Even worse, she has started dream walking and sharing passionate sex with the gorgeous man. She’s smitten, yet knows they have no future, because when Iseult catches up with Leo, he’ll die.

99 Pennies!

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99 Pennies!

A beautiful dragon general. A vampyr rockstar with a double life. The traitor who reveals a decades-long secret hidden by the Dragon Court…

Mateo uses his celebrity rockstar status to hide his secret life as a contract spy and killer. His latest assignment sends him to the heart of Patomas, the island of the dragon shifter court, to capture the First General herself. But he doesn’t expect attraction that hits him like lightening once he’s spirited her away… feelings of flight, freedom, and a heady desire he’s never before known. He’s a vampyr…

…so why does he feel like there is a beast inside him waiting to be set free?

99 Pennies!

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99 Pennies!

Captured by his own people.

Sentenced to death.

When the goblin Aric Bramble is kidnapped for treason, it’s up to Alyssum to rescue him from a dark fate. Yet saving him comes at a cost; their return to New York causes Alyssum’s world to shatter. She’s discovered things she can’t unlearn, information that contradicts everything she believes in and turns her world into a lie. Abandoning what she’s been taught, Alyssum seeks peace, and attempts to find a way to bring the Gremalians and the Gobel together…

99 Pennies!

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99 Pennies!

He thought he could keep his Shifting under control. Then he was assigned a curvy little hellcat as his understudy.

Jules not only has to deal with being a Bear Shifter, he has to deal with not being able to control when he Shifts. When he gets upset, his loss of control manifests as a ten foot tall, thirteen hundred pound slaughter machine. He’s managed to be careful about it, but just as he thought he had it figured out, this girl comes along and turns his world upside down.

Even as these two discover a newly forming bond, an ancient bond between members of his Clan will be tested. New Orleans will never be the same!

This full length bear shifter paranormal romance novel has all the action, steam and true love that only a Fated Mates story can deliver! I’ve included some other stories as my thanks to you.

99 Pennies!


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