4/9: Top Love Kissed Book Bargains Reply

4/9: Top Love Kissed Book Bargains

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A war stole their futures.
Love gave them something to live for.

An unexpected love story for those who have loved and lost, yet were strong enough to love again.

Their lives torn apart by WWII, two strangers find an unexpected second chance at love in this steamy contemporary romance about a budding writer and a struggling musician, proving that sometimes fate steps in to push broken hearts on a collision course and shows them how to find what they didn’t know they were looking for.

In the sleepy mountain town of Carter Ridge, fledgling writer, Cassidy Clark, has booked a retreat house to write her first and last manuscript. She’s planning to end her life, but not before she writes the perfect tribute to her fiancé who never returned from WWII.
Cassidy’s reflective retreat is interrupted when handsome musician, Thomas Crain, unknowingly ends up double booking the same retreat house. Sparks fly when Cassidy’s rebellious nature and reckless gin habit threaten to destroy Thomas’s music career. Tempers flare, giving way to unexpected passion and soon they are reconsidering everything they thought they wanted.

99 Pennies!

51jQv0vLYPL. UY250

99 Pennies!

Our secrets define us.

Zoe Sanders has run far to escape her past. She left behind darkness, fear, and obsession to forge a new life as an architect in Denver. Her rule in life? Never get attached. And never, ever, stop looking over her shoulder. Some pasts are better left unspoken. And some secrets can destroy you.

But everything changes when she meets Logan. He is everything she could dare to dream of and despite her best efforts, she’s letting him in. For the first time, she lowers her guard and lets herself love.

But when her secrets come home to roost, she has to decide if she’ll fight for her happily ever after. She has a choice: succumb to the girl she was or break the cycle and finally be free to fly. And her decision could mean life or death.

99 Pennies!

516CewbDoWL. UY250

99 Pennies!

Trauma, isolation, courage, love. . . Anxious Love

Hopeful about his future after overcoming loss, Ryan Ware is living his dream life as a first round draft pick. He’s enjoying every crazy minute of fame, fortune, and gorgeous women.

Despite being the most sought-after writer in romance, severe anxiety keeps Leah Jones isolated. Having a regimented life keeps the triggers at bay that could put her back in the hospital, perhaps permanently.

A chance meeting in New Orleans, Leah’s brown eyes capture Ryan’s heart, and he vows to learn more about this reclusive beauty.

Can Leah’s anxieties withstand Ryan’s crazy life? Can Ryan learn enough about real love to be the right man for Leah?

99 Pennies!

51MSAUd9yaL. AC US160

99 Pennies!

Wolf shifter Delana is strong—and desperate. After an unthinkable, brutal attack on her village left her pack without its Alpha, their very survival is at stake. Finding a new leader from among the strange new shifters living on their land is her pack’s only hope.

Khet’s inner beast eats at his soul with ruthless intensity. A wicked curse held his people captive until it was finally broken, saving his pack brothers from its terrible legacy. But Khet’s dark soul was too dangerous to be saved. Shadows consume him—and also keep him far from being suitable mate material.

Yet when Delana comes to him, sacrificing her pride to ask for his help, he recognizes her as his mate. Powerless to resist her beguiling temptation, he’ll do anything to protect her. Even if it means going back to the Dark Lands—alone.

99 Pennies!

51Gd2zT23VL. UY250

99 Pennies!

Till Death Do Us Part

Nathaniel Hayes is the type of man who takes what he wants without asking. Life hasn’t ever been a willing servant to his desires, but that’s soon to shift. When his latest scheme turns deadly, he is more than willing to push to the edge of his limits for wealth. Finally, the two things he has always wanted are within his grasp, but which will he choose? Love or Loyalty?

Jenna Webb is wedged into a life of pretentious f*cks, who are more concerned with the appearance of being somebody rather than doing it… She’s exhausted from over-the-top dinner parties, materialistic suitors and hypocrisy at its finest. The last thing she wants in her life is another pompous alpha male pretending to be someone he isn’t. When offered a chance to live fully alive, will she take it? Will it be worth the cost?

True freedom isn’t always what it’s chalked up to be. Especially not when vows are involved…

This is a full-length, standalone bad boy crime novel. Buyer beware for naughty language, naughty sexual acts and very, very naughty boys. No Cheating, HEA.

99 Pennies!

51ZH94rS8fL. UY250

99 Pennies!

Victorian London 1898

Lord McCaulay falls under the enchantment of Mademoiselle Noire, and her theatre of sexual exhibitionism. Humiliated by her before his peers, he becomes intent on revenge, but is drawn only further into her web, entering a dark spiral of erotic obsession.

Meanwhile, by day, Lord McCaulay’s path intersects that of young aristocrat Maud, as she struggles to assert her identity against the domination of men.

‘We live in the wondrous here and now and it is here that our flesh must take its pleasure. Your body is yours and yours alone, but not for long, and never long enough.’

Recommended by Stylist Magazine: sexiest reads of 2015
Buzzfeed : 9 Erotica Books That Should Be More Famous Than 50 Shades Of Grey

99 Pennies!

51suQUvxc2L. UY250

99 Pennies!

Limited time New Release Sale $0.99. Reg. price $3.99!

A Wyvern dragon shifter. Revenge, lies and a deadly magical challenge

When her parents were murdered eleven years ago, leaving her physically scarred during the event, dragon shifter Astri never learned the identity of their killer. That is until he appears to her in a nightmare.
The powerful Duke Jorgen not only rules the city of Rivenna where she lives, he is also responsible for her parents’ death and for the disability she’s had to bear most of her life. When the chance arises for her to compete to become Duke’s assistant, she realises this is her opportunity for revenge.
But everything in Astri’s world comes with a price. Can she overcome her disability and make Duke pay?

99 Pennies!


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