3/12: Top Boxed Romance Bargains Reply

3/12: Top Boxed Romance Bargains

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All hearts come home for Christmas… This Christmas, fall in love with six hot and sassy Christmas lovers. On the ranch or at sea, Christmas is a time for love, homecoming, and family. Six bestselling authors bring you six full-length love stories to keep your toes toasty and your heart fluttering. Don’t miss out! Download Christmas is for Lovers today. LIMITED TIME OFFER

Kelly Collins: The Trouble with Tinsel

The Trouble with Tinsel is a touching tale of love and redemption. Summoned to Bell Mountain by meddling mothers, Beau and Mandy must revisit their painful past to have a shot at their true destiny.

Is it too late, or, can the spirit of Christmas heal all wounds?

Sharon Coady: Candi Kane Christmas

On her first Christmas alone, Widow Holly Candi Kane decides to take charge of her life again and rents a log cabin on a Colorado ranch for the holidays. But when she arrives, she learns she’s joining the owners in their family home! Preston River Carson is furious that his mother rented out rooms to strangers over Christmas but soon finds himself intrigued. When two unlikely strangers are brought together will holiday magic sprinkle happiness or melt away like Christmas snow?

Stacy Eaton: Mistletoe & Cocoa Kisses

It’s like stepping into a fairytale, only Robin has to almost freeze to death first, and Chris has a crazy ex-girlfriend who wants to keep her claws in him. When Robin is rescued by Chris’s sixteen-year-old son, she falls in love with the home, the kids and the man. Yet, she has to figure her own life out first before she can commit to a future in time for the holidays.

Rachelle Ayala: Santa’s Pet

A brilliant girl genius plays elf to a substitute Santa and turns both their lives upside down when he is charged with a sex crime and she loses her company to hackers. Will a roly-poly old basset hound and a big-mouthed cockatoo help save Brittney and Ben and bring the real Santa home to stay?

Jude Ouvrard: Sweetness

When the people you love betray and humiliate you, how do you learn to trust again? Fleeing this very heartache, Iris leaves her Florida home to attend Columbia University. While she makes friends, works, and enjoys her classes, Iris is not in a rush to fall in love; that is, until a certain sexy someone finds her. Suddenly, Iris’ boring holiday takes a sizzling turn. But will the heat of passion lead to a holiday fling, or finally melt her frozen heart? In the process of following her own heart, can she help a man find his way of letting go of his past guilt and show him how to love unconditionally?

Chantel Rhondeau: Tempting Trish (Available only in this set!)

Christmas on a singles’ cruise, what could be better? Well, except for the pesky details of Rider Stone’s shipmates disappearing under suspicious circumstances and the fact that he was blackmailed into taking the trip in the first place. Tempting Trish Brier to fall for him is the only sane thing happening for Rider on this Christmas cruise.


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99 Pennies!

THE COMPLETE SERIES, FREE with Kindle Unlimited.
5 books and NO cliffies!

Book 1: Light It Up
Being a firefighter in Colfax means you drive around in a big red fire engine, put out a few kitchen fires, wink at hot chicks, and pray to Mother Nature that she doesn’t send a bolt of lightning to start a forest fire. One good fire like that could wipe the town off the map for eternity. So when a house fire comes along, we firefighters take things seriously. Add in a damsel in distress and I will eagerly run into a burning building, especially when the damsel happens to be one Tamsyn Albright.

Book 2: Set it Off
I don’t know what’s going on in this town. Businesses are burning. There are weird car wrecks all over town, and Delilah Vasquez just came sprinting out of the woods screaming about killer coyotes. Now normally I’d just consider her an irrational female and be done with it. But there is nothing irrational about Delilah. She’s hard as nails and about the most attractive woman in town. So not only do her claims get my attention, but I go check them out. That just seems to stir the pot and send bad luck in my direction.

Book 3: Up in Smoke
I don’t usually believe in bad luck, but then I’ve never had to deal with the kind of crap that Felicity Palmer has. The girl is like a magnet for trouble. And when an EMT can say he met a girl by responding to her car accident that’s a pretty big deal. Not only does the poor woman have a stalker, she’s also the third man out in one of those weird girl relationships where her best friends are also her worst enemies.

Book 4: Into the Flames
I’ve managed to get through the last few years since my divorce by living pretty much like a monk. For a guy who used to be considered the womanizer of Colfax, that’s a pretty big switch. Let’s just say I’ve realized that my behavior has a cost. And I was doing fine until Kiana came storming into my office a few months back to complain that we hadn’t caught the arsonist yet. Ever since then she’s like an itch I would love to scratch.

Book 5: Burn it Down
Anyone who looks at me thinks my life is charmed. I’m a good looking guy with a great job at the fire department. I get to rescue damsels in distress and look like the town hero on a pretty regular basis. But all of that is just the outside. Nobody sees what’s going on in the background. They don’t see that my parents love my older brother to a fault. Nobody realizes that my older brother just might be a sociopath who is trying to destroy my life.

99 Pennies!

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My cocky, controlling stepbrother is in charge of me for the summer…

I hate him.

I hate the way he touches me, the way he makes my stomach flip, the way he always looks like he has a secret I’m too naïve to know.

I’m home for the summer from college, and I’m supposed to have the house to myself.

But instead, he’s here. In the driveway, washing his car, his abs glistening under the sun, his broad shoulders flexing.

The first thing he does is spray me with the hose, soaking my shirt and making it see-through.

I can tell he’s looking. But that’s ridiculous. Tristan dates models – I’m nowhere near their league.

But that night, something happens between us.

Something wrong.
Something forbidden.
Something totally hot.

And before I know it, I’m not upset that he’s in charge of me. I’m begging for more – more discipline, more kissing, more lessons, more of him.

Hiding our relationship is hard enough.

Dealing with Tristan’s demons is another thing altogether…

Because Tristan has a secret. One that’s darker and more dangerous than I could ever imagine….

99 Pennies!

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One love can last a lifetime…

Six determined men fight for the women they’re meant to be with.
Their love runs deep and their loyalty everlasting.
Each man must battle his past in order to secure a future with his one true love.
Defeat is not an option when their hearts are on the line.

Book One: Make Me Forget, Travis and Charlotte.
Book Two: Show Me How, Brandon and Mary.
Book Three: Prove Me Right, Liam and Meara.
Book Four: Tell Me When, Pierce and Ruby.
Book Five: Remember Me Now, Nik and Lisa.
Book Six: Give Me This, Declan and Amie.

*Contains adult content and sensitive situations.

99 Pennies!


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