2/21: Top Love Kissed Book Bargains Reply


2/21: Top Love Kissed Book Bargains

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99 Pennies!

Readers first met Sandra Tierney, the rich, powerful madam of the secret escort service in The Dean’s List. But she wasn’t always the tough-as-nails woman she is now. Sandra was once a young, vulnerable girl alone in New York City.

Little did she know she was about to find herself immersed in a world where men rule and women can do little more than hope for something more. With limited resources, she enters college where she learns to work with what she has—a clever mind, a witty personality and a body made for sin. She quickly discovers that she might just be able to have it all—money, power, control, and him.

Mark Hollings has everything a man could want. As the Dean of a prestigious university, he has money, a powerful position, and her. But Sandra Tierney won’t settle for what other women will. She’s the first woman to ever challenge him. The first to demand more. Will his position dictate their future or will passion rule his world?


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99 Pennies!

He needs a woman to play the perfect wife—sex included, no emotions attached.
She needs to pay off a debt before she ends up with broken legs—or worse.

Everyone knows about billionaire tycoon Markus Blackthorn’s wild love life—it’s all over the tabloids. It’s also why he’s lost custody of his four-year-old daughter. But he has a plan to get her back—if only he can find the perfect wife-for-hire.

No one knows Hannah Kristensen’s drowning in debt—except one dangerous loan shark. Losing her job is only the latest catastrophe in her life. Markus Blackthorn’s insane offer might be exactly what she needs to save herself—if only she can keep from falling for the last man she should love.

99 Pennies!

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Not everyone wants to be a faerie princess.

Me in particular. Of course, the bad news is I actually am one. Or at least I used to be. As soon as I realized I was better at throwing punches than kissing babies, I split. I ran so far I thought that life would never find me. And it didn’t until a faerie was murdered in New York City. The last thing I want is to be dragged back into that hell, but if I don’t find answers about who is killing faeries, my entire race could be in jeopardy.

Then just when I think things can’t get any worse, I meet the one man who could ruin everything. He’s delicious, intense, and has these blue eyes that make me forget my name. Oh, did I mention he’s a vampire? Yeah, as far as faeries go, it doesn’t get more deadly than vampires. So why can’t I seem to stay away from him?

I’m Cy Vanguard. Bounty Hunter. Faerie Princess. Call me what you want. But if you’re the one who murdered that faerie, you better hope you’re running when I find you.


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Ashtyn Moretti is ready for the best summer of her life. The one before her senior year. But hers is turning into one filled with lies. And it’s being spent away from home, friends, and half of her family.

Making the best of it, she’s armed with her Summer from Hell playlist and a Kindle full of book boyfriends.

Flynn James has one thing on his mind—the success of his pop punk band Marlowe. He’s doesn’t have time for distractions including facing his past. But then a petite brunette crashes into his life changing everything.

Neither Ashtyn or Flynn were looking for love but they can’t deny their obvious attraction. Can Ashtyn finally turn her summer around? Can Flynn keep his secrets without losing everything? Or will it really be the Summer from Hell?


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99 Pennies!

True love, forever. Find your fated mate today.

Just one trip to the Fated Hearts Club can change your life.


Has fate given them everything only to cheat them of their happy ending?


How does a bad-boy billionaire bear woo a woman who’s been burned one time too many?


Fate brought them together… but will his need for vengeance destroy her?

99 Pennies!


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