2/16: Top Love Kissed Book Bargains Reply


2/16: Top Love Kissed Book Bargains

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99 Pennies!

Hunter Natoli lives a different lifestyle to that of his friends. His goal has always been to find his perfect match and to build a future with her. After two serious relationships fail, he is ready to throw those plans away and live the single life.
However, fate has other ideas.
It brings him one night with Alexia—one night that just isn’t enough. He finds that he wants to keep her forever, but she walks away leaving nothing but a note on the bed and a memory that haunts him.
Work, music and drumming become the only things that keep him grounded while searching for reasons…
Reasons to keep moving forward.
Reasons to fight for what he wants.
Reasons to breathe.

99 Pennies!

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99 Pennies!

After countless millennia as the King of Eria, Talion thought he’d experienced all life had to offer. That is, until Maggie entered his land. The beautiful human whirlwind refreshes his spirit, while all too often trying his patience. Though he desires nothing more than to claim her as his bond mate and queen, his secrets could drive them apart or even end their lives.

Stranded in the elvin land of Eria, Maggie D’Anglio spends her days trying to figure out a way home while attempting to avoid the sexy and provoking Talion. Unfortunately, she’s living in his palace. His world. His rules. The mysterious king intrigues and infuriates her as no one ever has, a lethal combination to her commitment-phobic heart. But when she parties too hard and wakes up magically bound to him, there’s no escaping the irresistible irritant—or her new role in a land on the brink of war with the darkindred.

99 Pennies!

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For Lilah McCannon, life has taken a bit of a wrong turn. Engaged to a guy she is not in love with and stuck in a job with her tyrannical father as her boss, life has definitely not turned out the way she expected.

At twenty-five years old, Lilah knows that she has a simple choice: live the life she has created or change it.

Enrolling on a course at the local University, Lilah sets out with some clear rules to ensure her success at being a grown-up. No alcohol, no cigarettes, no boys, and no going home. But the last thing she anticipates is meeting Ben Chambers, the lead singer of a local band. With Ben, it’s instant, it’s hot, and it’s deep, but when Ben is offered the opportunity of a lifetime and it looks like his future lies on a different path to hers, Lilah has some heart-rending decisions to make.


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99 Pennies!

Curvy, twenty-three-year-old Tabitha Gray has always had bad luck. But when her new job takes her to the heart of the Serengeti, she finally feels like her fortunes may change for the better, especially when Gunner Steel, walking sex machine, picks her up at the airport.

As soon as ranger Gunner Steel catches Tabitha in his sights, he’s overcome but the desire to pump her full of lead. The heat between them is pure animal, but these two need to keep their hands off each other or Tabitha will get fired.

Will they resist each other or…who am I trying to kid? They’re SO getting it on!

Just one-click it already because you’re wasting time getting to the good stuff by reading this blurb…

99 Pennies!

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99 Pennies!

Parker Berenger is the poster child of a college star on the verge of making it big in the pro world. He tackles life by the Three F’s: Food, Football, and Fking. Running into Cassidy, the feisty curvaceous redhead, throws off his game, and his bear wants to take control of the playbook. He has to find out what she’s hiding and figure out a way to make her trust him before he can win her heart.

Cassidy O’Keefe works hard at finishing her college degree and taking care of her baby. But she harbors a big secret. When she runs into Parker, the star football player for her college and the one person she’s been avoiding, she’s not sure her heart will give her a choice. If the truth comes out, it could ruin both of their lives, and she can’t let that happen.

With so many obstacles to overcome, the two will have to dig deep to make it. Will the magic of the Shay Island shifters take them all the way to the end zone or will they need a Hail Mary to save them?

99 Pennies!

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When it comes to love, no mission is impossible.

After learning her father has ALS, Hannah McGinnis returns home to Muskrat Falls, determined to oversee his care — whether he likes it or not. Dealing with an imperfect health care system and her gruff, abrasive father is a challenge, but Hannah is every bit as stubborn as he is.

Colonel Angus McGinnis, US Army Rangers, Ret. knows he hasn’t been an ideal father but before he ships out, he’s made it his mission to see his daughter happy and settled with a man worthy of her, one who will love her and treat her like the amazing woman she is. It’s got to be a covert mission though, because if Hannah realizes what he’s up to, she’ll mount her own campaign … of resistance.



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