2/6: Top Love Kissed Book Bargains Reply


2/6: Top Love Kissed Book Bargains

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99 Pennies!

The fates have spoken.
Cole and Eva are the Keeper of Dragons – the only ones who can save all true beings from a time of fear.
Uncontrollable power.
Cole finds himself unstable, unpredictable and volatile. He has no control of the tilium-fairy magic he stole from the farros. Out of options, the dragons turn to a once ally – the elves – for help. Curious about the dragon who wields both dragon and fairy magic, they accept – but on their terms only. The dragons must submit to Prince Gaber and his rules.
A new enemy.
Queen Tana continues to haunt Cole’s dreams, as a new enemy shows his face – another fallen enemy with a bigger agenda than the farros-fallen fairies; an enemy stronger and smarter; an enemy with an army that could destroy all true beings. Enter King Eldrick of the eldens.
The fallen elves.
Sometimes evil wins.

99 Pennies!

51C88uzwSvL. UY250


Hard-bodied, ex-Marine Nick Adams is climbing the walls in his civilian life. In an attempt to hold his sanity together, he takes a day trip to the small, beach town of Holiday Cove. In a moment of serendipity, he’s offered the escape he needs from his mundane life behind a bar—and jumps at it without question. It’s only a three-month assignment, but it doesn’t take him long to lock his sights on the town’s most eligible bachelorette. Her pink-streaked hair, wicked smile and curvy ass are tempting as hell.
Carly Roberts has her hands full for the summer—babysitting her seventeen-year-old sister, Alesha. She doesn’t have time for the hottie transplant, but that doesn’t mean she can’t take a few peeks at his firm backside when he’s not looking! Between running her coffee shop, and trying to keep Alesha out of trouble, she finds herself stretched to the limits and the last thing on her mind is a hot ass Marine with a swagger and a twinkle in his eye straight from the devil himself.
Nick wraps his strong arms around Carly just as she’s about to break—she feels safe—for the moment. Protected. But she still doesn’t trust anyone with what’s left of her battered heart. And now that the slow burn has turned into a fiery inferno…he can’t let her go!


41V6InHw8mL. UY250

99 Pennies!

She is strong for everyone around her…
Mira Simpson has a plate so full it’s overflowing. A busy career as the crime reporter at WQUZ in Pittsburgh keeps her hopping with ten-hour work days. Caring for her ill father takes up the rest of her time. In the two years since his diagnosis with early onset Alzheimer’s disease, Mira hasn’t had time for a social life, certainly not for a love life. Add in an overzealous fan making trouble for her, and Mira is in a constant state of stress.

…but who will be strong for her?
As if all that wasn’t enough, now Chris Noble, the infuriating, and infuriatingly hot, reporter from rival news station WBDD has taken over the open crime reporter position. The two clash heads in the field. But even while he is pissing her off like no other can, Noble is also turning her on. As Mira begins to let her guard down, she learns there might be more to Noble than meets the eye. Can Mira learn to trust her biggest rival? Or will she continue to put her heart on standby?

99 Pennies!

51YQ1ikUs-L. UY250

99 Pennies!

A pro hockey player with a rough reputation.
An American looking for a taste of adventure.
A chance to turn an intense attraction into something more.

Photographer Caroline Mendoza finally sheds her safe life in Michigan for adventure and a fresh start, and her first stop is Sweden. But Stockholm suddenly becomes more than just a casual stopover when Caroline discovers her reclusive next-door neighbor is ex-Red Wings player Niklas Almquist, whose high-profile alpha bad-boy image, both on and off the ice, has followed him back to Sweden.

While Niklas’s darker side draws her to him, she knows the sensible decision is to move on from Stockholm before she gets too attached. Her time in Stockholm is running out. She must choose between what is safe and what her heart tells her is right. Is she strong enough to take the risk?

99 Pennies!

517FEi7JBSL. UY250

99 Pennies!

Raul, an irresistibly hot ex-Navy Seal, is forced to take sides within his own wolf pack when a group of enemy were-panthers are finally captured and orders are given to execute them without trial.

With no time to spare, his animal instincts drive him towards Keira, a voluptuous panther from the rival clan. Although she’s clearly an adversary, Raul is drawn to her in ways he can’t explain.

Keira is a tough, self-reliant were-panther who is as strong and skilled as any male in her clan. Skeptical of Raul at first, she slowly warms to his touch after he spares her from a death sentence and whisks her away to a secret safe house.

They were never meant to be together, but burning desire drove them to cross the line. Their passion escalates into a hot, heavy, and forbidden romance, which puts them in incredible danger with both of their clans.

Will Raul and Keira find a way to bring their two opposing clans together, or will their new love be torn apart by the chaos of war?

99 Pennies!

51DkGZyBffL. UY250

99 Pennies!

Two Lives Torn by tragedy.

Eight-year-old Becca and twelve-year-old Hunter cling to each other and life after surviving a plane crash which stole their families.

Two Souls Seeking Love.

Each year, from the time she was old enough to travel on her own, Becca met up with Hunter on the island that altered their lives forever.

Until he stopped showing.

Her constant. Her link to the past. Gone in the blink of an eye.

Two Lives Bound by Secret.

99 Pennies!


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