1/11: Top Love Kissed Book Bargains Reply


1/11: Top Love Kissed Book Bargains

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99 Pennies!

NAME YOUR DEMON is an urban fantasy and paranormal romance collection showcasing 15 first-in-series reads from New York Times, USA Today, and International Bestselling Authors. Many of the works have never been seen in a boxed set before, and one written especially for the set!

It has something for everyone—mind readers, vampires, werewolves, soul hunters, angels, demons, sorcerers, Loki, witches, and oracles.

…Just name your demon.

99 Pennies!

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Biloxi Dutrey is finally getting married. She’s found forever love, and she’ll host the finest reception at fully restored Fleur de Lis. Everything is set—until only days before when her fiancé, Nick Trahan, demands last minute changes. Biloxi panics, fearing his decisions will revive the old Dutrey-Trahan family feud and ruin their future.

While Nick wants Biloxi to have a drama-free wedding, he insists his estranged father replace her brother as his best man. He’s also adding one more to the guest list—his long-lost mother sharing a shocking revelation. After all, every family wedding photo needs both sets of parents.

To get to the altar, Biloxi and Nick face a battle where the family loyalty lines are murky. Will they ever say “I do” and have a true happily ever after?


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99 Pennies!

Walk the ghostly world. Howl at the moon.

Jess Whittlebury purchases Tavistock Manor to convert into a quaint English bed and breakfast, but the manor comes with a resident—a werewolf ghost who steps right into her dreams, investing them with erotic toe-tingling pleasures, laughter and passion. Jess doesn’t believe in supernatural creatures but her dreams are certainly memorable and very realistic—and she’s decided to enjoy them for all she’s worth.

Alone Brandon Lupinus until need forces you to act, as a decent man should.

Since the day a witch cursed him, Brandon Lupinus has walked alone, tied to Tavistock, his ancestral home. Jess’s arrival brings unexpected changes—corporeal changes. For the first time in centuries Brandon experiences passionate, unbridled sex that ignites his ghostly world with new possibilities. New problems. Brandon is no longer alone but he still can’t seem to break his curse and offer Jess the future she deserves. Until fate steps in in an unexpected way…

99 Pennies!

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99 Pennies!

Cameron knew that finding Huitzilopochtli wouldn’t be easy, and he was right. With Nemain’s help, they’re able to find his hiding place but he isn’t alone. Huitzilopochtli has recruited help, and the Aztec army he’s amassing just might be invincible.

But as usual, Huitzilopochtli isn’t the only god trying to kill Cameron and Selena. Ninurta’s father has found them and wants revenge for the death of his son, and an evil Finnish goddess is attempting to take over her pantheon in Ukko’s absence. Plus, Cameron and Selena still have one Treasure of the Gods to find: the Stone of Fal is the Tuatha Dé’s oldest and most mysterious Treasure, and as they’ll discover, the original gods of the Irish are hiding the truth about its origins and what it might mean for the new Guardians of Tara.

Cameron once believed that none of the gods should be trusted, and in the first book of The Guardians of Tara series, he will learn he may have been right all along.

99 Pennies!

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99 Pennies!

Who doesn’t love a good Rockstar Romance?

We have 7 Full length Rocker Romance novels by International and best selling authors. Yes complete Rocker Romances! They are hot…they are steamy…and you won’t be able to get enough of these sexy Rockstars…

Before You by Lisa Cardiff
Catching Fox by Aimee McNeil
Harley by Michelle Jo Quinn
Lines We Forget by J.E. Warren
Raining Down Redemption by BK Rivers
Scarred By Love by C.A. Harms
The Last Rock King by Seven Steps

99 Pennies!

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Piper Stone’s hunky, rude, entitled, Scrooge of a boss is pushing her buttons every day, but he’s taken it too far, this time. Saying she couldn’t take the holidays off was one thing; preventing her to go home to her sick child? Not happening. She has zero regrets when she resigns.

Bennet McFinnley can’t believe his annoyingly perfect personal assistant has actually resigned from her cushy, highly paid position, and he intends to tell her exactly what he thinks about it.

But when he gets to her place, he comes to realize he might not know Piper as well as he thought he had.



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