12/13: Top Love Kissed Book Bargains Reply


12/13: Top Love Kissed Book Bargains

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Fate brought them together… but will his need for vengeance destroy her?

On the trail of the men who murdered his family, wolf shifter Ryder Morse finds himself scoping out the Fated Hearts Club for the man that ordered the hit. Ryder hates everything about the place, from the money in everyone’s pockets to the monkey suits they all wear. The last thing he expects is a distraction in the form of a sassy woman with a scent that calls to his inner beast.

Vera Hunt has never been drawn to the shifters of the Fated Hearts Club in the way that Ryder tempts her. She experiences enough of their high society lifestyle as a party planner and craves some blistering excitement. The wolf shifter is rippled with muscle and dripping with brooding mystery, but she’s become an unwilling pawn in his quest for revenge.

When Vera is placed on a hit list, it’s up to Ryder to protect her. Despite the risks, Ryder and his wolf can’t resist getting closer to the curvy beauty they both want to claim as their mate. Can he set aside his dangerous mission for a chance at happiness or will darkness consume them both?

99 Pennies!

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Two people. Total strangers. Asked to convince the world that they’re in love

Imagine if your favourite engaged celebrities weren’t really in love. Imagine if their relationship was cooked up to boost their careers. What if everything was fake? From the holidays, the public romance, right down to the bedroom antics?

That’s exactly what you’ll discover in Contracted For Love.

Potty-mouthed Charlotte Shipton and child-star Jack Fawkner strike a deal when both put their signatures to an unlikely, and top secret, marriage contract. She’ll rise through the unknown ranks in Hollywood. He’ll show the world he’s left behind his tap-dancing child-star days. Together, they’ll set the world’s hearts on fire, while ignoring their own secret desires.

Only time will tell if the truth will tear them apart, or if their secret will stay locked away, along with the contract.


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99 Pennies!

Heat up your holidays with four out of this world, MM sci-fi romance novellas from five bestselling authors.

From Jennifer Loring’s NO ONE ON EARTH
From Merryn Dexter’s CONJUNCTION

From B. Leslie Tirrell’s ARIZONA IMPULSE

From Kerry Adrienne and Lia Davis’s FIRST CONTACT different after all.

99 Pennies!


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