December Week One Results! Reply


December KU Challenge

December Week One Results!

December: You’ve already read 102 books this month! (WOW!)

Announcing the winners:

One $25 Amazon Gift Card: Cindy Reese

Two $10 Amazon Gift Cards: Caitlin Johnston & Corey Clancy

The December Challenge has barely begun! Let’s keep reading!

The December KU Challenge Info:

Welcome to the December KU Challenge.

The rules of the challenge are simple:

1. Select a book from the table of participating books.
2. Read the book.
3. Complete the Google Form:
4. Repeat the process all month long.

Prizes will be rewarded as follows:

1. Drawings weeks 1-3 for one $25 Amazon Gift Card and two $10 Amazon Gift Cards.
2. Final grand prize drawing on December 1st. (The Google form will close at 11:59pm on 11/30.)

One winner will receive a Kindle Fire.

Two winners will receive $30 Amazon Gift Cards.

Three winners will receive a $20 Amazon Gift Card.


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