11/29: Top Love Kissed Book Bargains Reply


11/29: Top Love Kissed Book Bargains

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They think they’re fooling their parents, but really, the joke’s on them.

Kayla Ames’s parents could win an award in meddling. Every time she turns around, they’re setting her up with someone new. Try as she might, she can’t convince them to butt out of her love life.

Ryan Newell isn’t looking for love. After having his heart torn to shreds by his ex, he’s determined to never again fall in love and leave himself that vulnerable to being hurt. His parents, however, believe he just needs some help finding the right woman, and their friends’ daughter, Kayla, might be a perfect match.

99 Pennies!

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Can one night of passion ignite a fire that will last a lifetime?

Sexy, overbearing, bold, take no prisoners Ava Alexander drives me crazy. She’s the opposite of me and everything I don’t want in a woman.
Then there’s Sage Wilson…everything I should and do want. Ava’s a match, and if I let her, she’ll burn down everything around me. But one night is all it takes. A night seared into my mind of a raven-haired temptress with a body made for the worst kind of the sweetest sin and regret.


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99 Pennies!

The magic of Christmas is in the air and Cody Armstrong has a big surprise for his wife of seven years. Surrounded by their friends and family, he’s hoping this will be a Christmas Eve she’ll never forget.

Suzanne Armstrong finally understands that her sweet, handsome husband didn’t just marry her because she was pregnant. This is their first Christmas as a real couple and she has a special surprise for him too.

When an old acquaintance shows up on their doorstep with a surprise of her own, it could be the end of the happily ever after they’ve waited so long to find. Cody will have to prove that Suze is the only woman he’s ever loved and she’ll have to search her heart to decide whether she can put her faith in him. Facing their biggest obstacle yet, will they come out the other side or will the past shatter any chance for them to have a future?

99 Pennies!

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99 Pennies!

In an instant plans change and he has to find a way to outmaneuver the inevitable…

Garret Reid has plans for his days of retirement from the NFL. He’ll miss the rush of the game and winning but it was time to relax. Enjoy a life away from the game and doing absolutely nothing for a while. But an favor for an old friend changes all that. Yet the favor doesn’t turn out as he thought it would. Maura, the woman he’s sent to assist, is stubborn, opinionated, and drives him crazy. She doesn’t appreciate his help and now he finds himself in a predicament. Go back to a life of doing nothing or accept the challenge she sparks within him. Garret is not one to back away from any challenge. Garret can’t decide if he is more drawn to her because of her passion for the center she runs or for the sassy woman who makes him feel things he never has before. Garret doesn’t have a problem letting Maura think she is in charge of things. Now he has a change of plans and he has to find a way to outmaneuver the woman he wants more than anything else.

Maura Maxwell didn’t need some egotistical football player to interfere with her center. She knows his type—inflated ego because they were the supposedly the best at the game and had a few super bowl rings. She wasn’t about to let any of her people get attached. No matter if Garret seems genuine, affable and charming. She didn’t believe it for a minute. No one had the kind of success he had in the sport if they weren’t determined and had some backbone. She would be on her guard and not let him outmaneuver her. Garret might have been the master on the football field but in her world there was only one person in charge—her.

When two strong-willed people find themselves put together due to circumstances they each have an outcome they want but…who will have the best laid plans?



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