Interview/Spotlight: Diana Marik Reply


Diana Marik will be at:

Barnes & Noble

Gardiner Manor Mall

842 Sunrise Highway

Bay Shore, NY 11706

Wednesday, December 7th (4 pm – 5 pm)


Diana Marik has agreed to answer a few questions for me.

What genre do you write?

I write Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy. I’m told my work has great crossover appeal.

Can you tell readers a little bit about yourself and do you read the same genre as you write?

Born and raised NYC. I’m an author who loves PN & UF. I was a fan of the genres before I was a writer. I have an MA in English Literature from Hofstra University. Fav authors include LK Hamilton, S. Kenyon, KM Moning and too many to list.

What inspired you to write in this particular genre?

Inspiration came from discovering worlds different from ordinary life and I’ve also been a Tolkien fan for as long as I could remember.

Is there a character that you enjoyed writing more than any of the others?

There are several characters I enjoy writing. They seem to get a lot of page time: Remare, Miranda and Nick.

Do you have a special formula for creating characters’ names?

I base many of my character’s names on Impressionists Artists, but sometimes I change letters in the names just for fun.

Was one of your characters more challenging to write than another?

The challenge is always writing a good villain and getting inside their head. Sometimes there’s an ick factor.

What is your motto?

To Know the Unknowable.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Hazelnut Hot Chocolate.

If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Would have loved to meet Tolkien and discuss the genre’s nuances.

Tell us your latest news?

The novella, The Blue Veil, where Miranda and Remare go in search of a missing painting from Valadon’s Archives will be available January 2017.

Books by this Author:



About The Author:

Diana Marik is the author of the romantic urban fantasy series, The Seven Deadly Veils. She grew up in New York City and has her MA in English literature from Hofstra University. A history buff, Diana loves discovering museums in whatever city she happens to be visiting. Her favorite spots to visit are in the American Southwest, but she considers New Orleans her home away from home. Diana is currently at work on her latest installment of the Veilverse. Be sure to check out her website

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