11/16: Top Love Kissed Book Bargains Reply


11/16: Top Love Kissed Book Bargains

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99 Pennies!

A Billionaire, His Intern, and a Forbidden Romance that leads two lovers into dark family secrets.

It’s hard not to love my life. I have it all–looks, a family who dotes on me, and more money than God. I’m the heir to a Greek shipping magnet, and one day I’ll own his international corporation. But I have to admit, sometimes it’s all too easy, and I wonder what life would have been like if everything wasn’t handed to me. Then I see her stumble off the ferry onto my family’s island, and I know that I want her. The only problem? She’s my new intern. Finally, something that’s not so easy.

Some people say I’m boring, I follow the rules to a ‘T,’ work hard at everything I do, and already know exactly what I want my future to look like. But what might seem boring to others is successful for me, because I just scored an internship in Greece for a year. I can’t wait to prove my worth at a company like Stephanos Shipping. Things look even better when I fall off the ferry and straight into the arms of a very hot guy. Only problem? He’s my new boss. Following the rules just got a lot harder.

99 Pennies!

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Jenna always thought her marriage was what fairy tales were made of. That was until the heels on her glass slippers snapped and left her tumbling down to reality.

But knights in shining armor tend to tarnish after twenty years, and she’s far from the wide-eyed princess she’d once been. Four kids, money problems and a crumbling marriage tend to wipe away all the shiny and bright and bring on the reality of broken dreams.

Royal Grainger knows he’s a lucky man—in theory. His wife is caring and beautiful, he has four amazing kids and his own business, and yet, he’s miserable. He’s detached, tired, and dissatisfied. No matter what he does, it’s not enough—for anyone.

The Grainger’s know they’re treading in the deep end, and they have to work together to push through the pain, the hurt, and the monotony of a long stale marriage to reconnect again. A marriage once full of passion and consideration, becomes one full of bitterness and resentment.

The past comes back to haunt them in a way they never imagined and their happily ever after becomes a battle.

Whatever it takes. The stakes are too high to let go, and for each other, they’ll walk through fire.


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Spontaneity is a serpent, sent to derail a good girl’s intentions…

A little mistake. Just one reckless blunder, and Hayley Jones finds herself hip deep in man trouble. Very sexy man trouble, it’s true, but she has made promises to tread the good-girl line. Conservative. Responsible. Sensible, too. These days, she embraces her life as a secretary and stays in nights to save money. Yet there’s something about wealthy businessman Sam Norville that prods her inner imp to mischievous life. A chance meeting, a margarita…okay, three…a stolen kiss, and suddenly—against every screaming instinct—she’s embracing her bad girl persona.

Sam, a successful businessman, doesn’t believe in love at first sight. Not anymore. For him, involvement with any woman means risking a run-in with the tabloid press. But his mysterious lover keeps him coming back, keeps him prodding her for more…like the truth. Of course it’s not love. Heck, no. Sam only does lust.

Hayley knows she shouldn’t want Sam, especially since she’s been economical with the facts. The right thing to do? Shove that naughty bad girl off her shoulder and come clean. But the pesky imp just won’t budge…



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